Elite High School Spotlight: Mountain Vista Varsity COED

Elite High School Spotlight

Mountain Vista Varsity COED

Mountain Vista Varsity COED set high goals at try outs this year to help them have a season of success and as the year has continued on they have been able to cross several of them off the list. The Varsity Golden Eagles come in to the gym ready to work and they don’t leave until they have accomplished what they have set for that day. This group of athletes has a one liner comeback for everything and enough energy to keep every coach in the gym laughing.  Each member of their team has a personality like no other and when they all come together they become unstoppable. Keep your eyes out for MVHS COED at state this year because they won’t disappoint you. 

Good luck on Friday Eagles!

Get to know

Mountain Vista Varsity COED Cheerleaders


5A Varsity COED


Golden Eagles

Head Coaches:

Stephanie Cowan & Jacklyn Vandoyik

Captain’s Names:

Alyssa D.

What is special about your team?

“Our teamwork and bond this season.”

What is your team’s motto?

“Individual glory is nothing when compared to achieving victory as a team.”

What traditions does your team have?

“Before each competition we get in our elite stunt groups and encourage every group to hit a clean routine.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“Our goal is to put our best routine on the mat and to showcase our skills we have pushed the team to get.”