Elite High School Spotlight: Mountain Vista High School Varsity

Elite High School Spotlight 

Mountain Vista High School Varsity

Today we are featuring the Varsity Cheerleaders from Mountain Vista High School! Since the beginning of the year, this team has settled for nothing less than success. Through all the obstacles they have faced, they continue to come together as a team and strive for their best. Their determination and work ethic is inspiring. Whenever they are in the gym they are always giving 100%. Throughout the year they continue to push themselves to gain new skills every practice. We can not wait to see what they can accomplish for the rest of the season.

Get to know

Mountain Vista High School Varsity


5A Varsity Coed



Head Coach:

Stephanie Cowan 

Assistant Coach:

Jacklyn VanOoyik 

What is special about your team?

“They take care of each other and motivate each other. The are great at overcoming obstacles in their way.” 

What is your team’s motto?


What traditions does your team have?

“Before every full out we break on “squad”.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“To hit a clean routine that we are proud of.”