Elite High School Spotlight- Legend JV


The ladies of Legend JV are a very fun and determined group of girls. They are constantly striving to be the best athlete’s that they can be. They use every second they are in the gym to improve their skills individually and as a team. With their determination and strive to improve, we know that the Titians from Legend JV are a team you are going to want to watch this year!

Good Luck at your upcoming competitions!!


Get to know


Location you attend:

United Elite


5A All Girl JV



Head Coach:

Mallory Buresh

Assistant Coach:

Kelcie Maze

What is special about your team?

“Our team has a special acronym that we always refer back to every practice. The saying “ALAC”, it is our promise to one another that we don’t tell anyone what it stands for.”

What rituals motivate your team for success?

“The rituals that motivate our team is our stunt circle or tumbling circle. We motivate each other for new skills or skill to hit by encouraging one another lining up around that skill in hopes that the skill hits.”

What traditions does your team have?

“Some of the traditions that Legend Titians have is their homecoming parade and the bonfire that follows. We also have our back to school assembly which is our first official appearance.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming Competition Season?

“Our goal is to be successful in what we know we are capable of. Our team is to be a family and motivate one another.”