Elite High School Spotlight: Douglas County Junior Varsity

Elite High School Spotlight

This week we are featuring the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders from Douglas County High School. Douglas County JV is one of the largest teams that trains at United Elite and they are filled with personality! Every girl has a different personality but together they form a very strong team bond. We can always count on Douglas County JV to come into the gym and work very hard, even on a Friday afternoon! A week doesn’t pass that a stunt group or individual doesn’t get a new skill. They all work very hard in order to accomplish the same goal of being their best at the upcoming JV invitational.  We can’t wait to see all that they accomplish the rest of the season.

Get to know

Douglas County High School Junior Varsity


5A Junior Varsity All Girl



Head Coach:

Shelby Dailey 

Assistant Coach:

Kellee Kath

Captain’s Names:

Kylie M, Lauren M, Kylee B, Becca M, and Morgan A. 

What is special about your team?

“We are all unique and not one person is the same. We all bring a little something to the team thatmakes us unstoppable.”

What is your team’s motto?


What traditions does your team have?

“Before we perfrom we listen to a video on youtube that motivates us to do our best and we make sure Cara has her lucky penny in her shoe.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“To always do better than we did the time before. We want to make sure we continue to improve and give a 100% every time.”