Elite High School Spotlight: Coronado Varsity


The Cougars of Coronado Varsity are coming back strong after taking the previous season off from competing.  These girls have such heart and always show up for each other and work really hard for their team.  This is such a young team, and that is what makes them so special. They always show up with the best attitudes and are always ready to work hard.  We will definitely be a part of the Cougar Nation this weekend, and can’t wait to watch the “Cougar Attack!”.

Good Luck at State!!


Get to know


Location you attend:

Colorado Elite





Head Coach:

Alysha McKibben

Assistant Coach:

Amber Bergen


Lauren Randall, Jill Shea, Piper Collins

What is special about your team?

“More than half of our team has NEVER competed before!”

What rituals motivate your team for success?

“They chant ‘COUGARS’ in a circle before running on the mat and ROAR!” 

What traditions does your team have?

“They motivate each other by reminding each other how far they have come and why they put this hard work in!”

What is your team goal for the upcoming Competition Season?

“Leave a routine on the mat that they are proud of!”