Elite High School Spotlight: Cherry Creek Varsity



Working with Cherry Creek has been an awesome experience. Every single athlete on this team has a ton of personality and heart. They have worked hard this season, and overcome many obstacles. We have no doubt that with their determination and passion we know the they will great this weekend! 

Good Luck at your upcoming competitions!!

Get to know


Location you attend:

United Elite


5A All Girl



Head Coaches:

Taia Johnson 

Assistant Coach:

Paulina Smith and Maddy Kereszturi


Natalie S, Kailey D and McKenzie M.

What is special about your team?

“We have ten freshman and only two seniors… super young team! Which allows a lot of room to grow and build a strong foundations.”

What rituals motivate your team for success?

“Before we go on the mat we gather around and break as loud as we can. The chant really gets us hype and a way to get all the nerves out. We also gather for “talks” with our classes, stunt groups, stunt positions and together as a whole team. This gives everyone the opportunity to build confidence and ensure the trust and love in every group.”

What traditions does your team have?

“Every year we do a mom and daughter or big and littles to help the underclassmen attach to the upperclassman and to help guide them. Before every competition the team gets ready together for team bonding. Also, before state we have a team dinner and exchange gifts. Every year there is a camp send off dinner where we get to know everyone better before we leave for camp.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming Competition Season?

“Our team goal is to hit a solid routine and be proud about what we let on the mat.”