Elite High School Spotlight: Chaparral Varsity

Elite High School Spotlight

Chaparral Varsity  

There is never a dull moment working with Chaparral Varsity. This enthusiastic team comes in every week ready to work and determined to get better. They have grown so much as a team this season, not only their skills, but also their ability to work together. They always find a way to crack a joke or lighten the mood during a tough practice. These girls have truly been so much fun to work with and we can’t wait to see all that they will accomplish!

Good Luck at State!!

Get to know

Chaparral Varsity 

Location you attend:

United Elite 


5A All Girl 



Head Coach:

Heather Saunders

Assistant Coach:

John Chebret  

What is special about your team?

“We are so very close to each other like a family environment. We support each other on and off the mat. We are like sisters and have so much talent.”

What is your team’s motto?

“Our motto is LFDT. It is our little secret but it motivates us everyday. Its in our call up and every little thing we have. We also have S1ate, which is something we live by.”

What traditions does your team have?

“We have various team traditions. To State stuff, call ups, and many other stuff. For all our call ups we do a ball of energy collection, and then pass the energy to the next person.”

What is your team goal for the upcoming State Competition?

“To come together as one team and put our best routine out there and be proud of what we do. And continue to succeed further after State.”