Elite Competition Wrap Up: UCA Mile High Regionals

UCA Mile High Regionals

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

All of the Elite All Star teams continued their hard work in practices, and it really showed this past weekend at the UCA Mile High Regionals competition in Denver, Colorado. All of our Elite teams showed solid performances, walking away with great placements, along with some other special awards and bids. Below you will find a wrap of all the teams performances!



Norco- Pride

Junior 2: Pride looked great this weekend. These athletes stepped up and gave the crowd an amazing performance to watch. Pride not only took home 2nd in a competitive division, but also earned a Sportsmanship Award.

Norco- Power

Senior Coed 3: Power performed great this past weekend. Their pyramid and running tumbling timing really shined during their routine. These athletes took home 1st place from the Mile High Regional Championships.




NME Pulsar

Junior 2: What a great performance from Pulsar this weekend. This team has made a lot of progress, especially during the hitch section of their pyramid. The timing during the basket section of the routine looked great! Pulsar is really on a roll, and cannot wait to continue to improve in their practices leading up to the All Star Winter Challenge!

Senior Coed 3: Supernova continues to improve every competition, and it showed in their elite stunt sequence this past weekend. Supernova took home 2nd in their division, while greatly improving their technique scores. The coaches cannot wait to continue to clean and sharpen up the entire routine for the next competition, the All Star Winter Challenge!




United Tsunami

Junior 2: With some changes to their routine, Tsunami came out strong with their performance at the UCA Mile High Regionals! They ended up taking 1st place in a very close race with 5 teams in the division!

 United Monsoon 1
Junior 3: With their full team back together, Monsoon came out on the floor with great enthusiasm and gave an amazing performance, winning them a Wild Card Bid to the Summit!!
United Hail
Senior 2:  Hail came out on the floor with confidence and had one of their best performances to date and proved how good they are by placing 2nd in a tough division of 4 teams!
United Hurricanes
Senior 4:  Treating every performance as one step closer to their perfect routine, Hurricanes hit a solid routine at the UCA Mile High Regionals!  This strong routine also earned them a Wild Card Bid to the Summit!!
Lightning Scales
Senior 5:  The dedication this team has towards each other is inspirational!  They came out on that blue mat and gave a strong performance, giving them a 2nd place finish!


We are very proud of all of our Elite teams and their performances this past weekend! All of the Elite routines looked stronger and our performances were more entertaining than Pueblo, showing progress among all of the teams. Congratulations again to United Elite Monsoon, Junior Level 3 and United Elite Hurricanes, Senior Level 4 on earning Wild Card Bids to The Summit Competition in May, 2015. All of our teams are back at work preparing for their next competition, focusing on cleaning their routines to increase technique scores across the board. Our Elite Teams are looking forward to their next competition, The All Star Winter Challenge, or The American Grand Championship, both coming up in December! WE ARE ELITE!