Eating Right for Top Athletic Performance

Lets start off by explaining the difference between a carb and a protein.

Protein: replenishes your muscle. when you work out, you are tearing your muscle fibers, when you eat protein it repairs those muscle fibers. Proteins get you stronger and acts as a catalyst to help you recover. Examples of good proteins: meat, poultry, eggs, fish

Carbs are there to open up the cells and allow the protein to enter them to replenish and grow.  Without the carb, the protein is practically useless. Examples of good carbs: vegetables, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, fruits. However, you should stick with vegetables as much as possible

You want to always pair a carb with a protein. Have things like chicken and spinach, or noodles or broccoli with steak. Make sure you are not just simply eating carbs all day, you have to make you meals consist of equal parts of  carbs and proteins to properly fuel your muscles. Also, make sure your not consuming large amounts of sugar throughout the day. Soda is one of the largest contributors to overconsumption of sugar throughout the day.


By simply consuming a balanced diet of healthy carbs and solid proteins while cutting the amount of sugars you consume, your body will repay the favor by giving you the explosive force you need to compete.