Dear Senior and Junior Cheerleaders

Dear Senior and Junior Cheerleaders,

As the school year begins, you are faced with more than just the question of what I should wear to the first day of school. You are faced with the challenge of what is next after High School. Do you want to stay in state or go out of state for school? What is your dream school? Do you want to cheer in college?

College cheerleading can be a great way to be more involved in your future school and continue your passion of cheerleading. However, it also comes with a lot of responsibility and commitment. We are here to bring up even more challenging questions to decided if college cheerleading is for you.


Do you enjoy being in front of thousands of people promoting school spirit?

You will be asked to perform and cheer in front of thousands of people every week. Are you okay with being in front of this many people?


Is being a school role model something that interests you?

As a college cheerleader, you are representing your school at all times. You will be expected to maintain good grades, good appearance, positive school spirit, and a good representation of the University.


Are you willing to make the time commitment it takes to be a college cheerleader?

Being a college cheerleader comes with hours of practice, performances, games, fundraisers, appearances, and depending on the team, competitions.


The most important question, do you want to continue your passion at the next level?

Majority of our coaching staff had the opportunity to continue their passion at the college level. It was in fact, one of their favorite parts about college and their passion grew for cheerleading during college. Is this something that interests you?


Before you make your decision, really think about these questions and see if this is something that you are interested in. If your answers are yes, then we strongly encourage you to pursue college cheerleading. College cheerleading can be one of best experiences of your life!


The Elite Coaching Staff

P.S. Elite will be hosting a College Cheerleading 101 class coming this fall. In this class we will cover everything you need to know about college cheerleading, how to pick your school, how to contact the coach, and how to prepare for tryouts. Keep checking the website, more information coming soon!