a2d8b166f29ad64a236194037ae8644dWhen it comes to exercise related to cheerleading, most of us think cardio and legs. While these things are definitely important in the cheer world, perhaps the number one exercise that we take for granted is core strengthening. Core strength is vitally important to the exercise regime of a cheerleader – not only does core strength assist in jumps, tumbling, and stunts it also helps to prevent injury and to maintain good form in skills.

Everyone knows the basic crunch and sit ups helps your abdominals, but it only goes so far. There are many different core exercises out there – but below are some of my favorites!


Tuck ups

Lying flat on your back, completely stretched out. Bring your arms in and shoulders forward while simultaneously bringing your legs up and in to a tucked position, balancing on your tail bone.



These start just like a tuck up, lying flat completely stretched out. Bring your arms and shoulders up while lifting your legs keeping them straight to finish in a V position. Then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.


Candlestick extensions

Roll back into a basic candlestick position with your arms by your ears the entire time. Lower your toes to the floor, then extend your toes to the ceiling. This one also has the added benefit of stretching your hamstrings and lower back!


Arch rocks

Lie on your stomach in an arch with your heels squeezed together and arms by your ears. Rock back and forth holding this position the whole time.


Windshield Wipers

Lay on your back, with arms stretched out to the sides in a T motion. Lift toes to the ceiling, so that your legs are perpendicular to floor. Then rotate your lower body back and forth so that your legs behave like windshield wipers. Your hips will rise a little as your toes go to the side and down.


Like I said, these are just a few of my favorites, but there are so many more out there to choose from! Check these out and see how they positively affect your core strength! The stronger your core is, the easier skills become – not to mention your abs will look great!

Looking for more ideas? Check out – they have tons of core exercises available as well as others that target different areas of the body. Happy strengthening!!


By: Katie Stelter