Competition Wrap Up: UCA All Star Nationals

Our teams had a great showing at UCA All Star Nationals in Orlando, Florida last weekend! With some incredible support from their friends and families these athletes put some of the best performances out on the floor for Nationals. Check out their results below!

Pulsar – Junior 2
These ladies had a great end to their season! The girls rocked their elite sequence and had awesome pyramid skills. They had 2 great performances over the weekend, earning 7th place out of 15 teams in a very difficult division.


Supernova – Senior CoEd 3
These ladies and gentleman ended their season in a great way with energetic performances and two “0” deduction routines. They overcame an injury on the floor day 2, having two amazing performances in a row. They were able to place 4th in their division!

Pride – Junior 2
Pride came out on the national’s floor and gave two outstanding performances! These ladies ended up in 2nd place in a very tight division!

Power – Senior CoEd 3
This team came together and showed the nation how talented they are walking away with a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, with two impressive performances!!! What an amazing way to end their competitive season!

NorCo Power

Tsunami – Junior 2
These ladies gave two amazing, zero deduction performances with impressive elite stunt sequences and ending pyramid. They placed 8th in a very competitive division to end their competitive season.

Tsunami UCA
Hail – Senior 2
The Ladies of Hail ended their season on a high note with two of their best performances of the year! Hail ended up in 4th place in one of the toughest divisions at UCA Nationals!

Monsoon – Junior 3
These ladies really proved how amazing they are coming away with another NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for the Elite family at UCA All Star Nationals! Now they’re preparing for the debut at the Summit in May!!

Hurricanes – Senior 4
These ladies showed how resilient they are coming back on day two with an amazing performance moving them up two places and ending in 6th place! Now they are ready to take on the Summit!

Lightning – Senior 5
What an impressive season these athletes had, overcoming injuries and changes to their team, they gave their best performance of the year on day two coming away with 12th place at UCA Nationals!

Lightning UCA

What an incredible weekend the Elite family had at UCA All Star Nationals, with two NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS and several top 10 places!! We are so proud of these athletes and how far they came this season. We’re looking forward to the Summit and what these amazing athletes will bring to the mat next season! #WeAreElite