Competition Wrap Up- JamFest

What a great weekend for the Elite family at the Jamfest competition yesterday, January 25th! All of our teams had great performances with new additions to their routines! Check out each team’s recap below to get the highlights of their routines and placements!


Hurricanes United

Hurricanes (Senior level 4) had a good performance this weekend! We were impressed with their strong tumbling and the opening of their routine. This was the first time competing their new pyramid! They were able to capture 2nd place this weekend!


Monsoon (Junior level 3) had an impeccable performance! They hit a clean routine with solid elite stunts! They did a great job performing new additions to their stunt sequence AND their pyramid! We had some proud athletes and coaches this weekend, walking away with 1st place in their division.

 Tsunami Team Pic

Tsunami (Junior level 2) had a solid performance as well! They rocked out their new stunt sequence and had solid tumbling skills! Everyone was blown away by their great body positions! In a very close division, and were able to secure 3rd place out of 7!


Hail (Senior level 2) had an awesome performance! They added in more difficulty to their elite stunts and hit a solid routine! Their hard work was evident in their standing tumbling sequence! The ladies were able to place 2nd in a tight division!


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.48.43 AM

Power (Senior Coed level 3) had an outstanding performance on the mat this weekend! They blew everyone away with their amazing tumbling skills and solid stunts! They really cleaned up at Jamfest – taking home 1st place in their division, Grand Champions, Best Choreography Award and a bid to the US Finals!

Norco Pride

Pride (Junior level 2) looked fantastic this weekend! Their hard work certainly paid off and they impressed the crowd with their single base stunts! They walked away with 1st place in their division!

Passion Awards

Passion (Youth level 1) rocked the mat this weekend! They had a great performance with some awesome tumbling skills! They placed 4th in their division!

Norco Stunt Group

The Senior Level 4 Stunt group also had an amazing performance yesterday, hitting a flawless performance with an impressive single base switch up and beautiful kick full. They secured a 1st place finish in their individual division.


NME Team Picture

Supernova (Senior Coed level 3) had a great performance! With a new stunt group just recently added in, they showed off a clean elite stunt sequence. They also debuted their new basket and pyramid section this weekend! These ladies and gentleman did an amazing job and walked away with 3rd place in their division!

North Metro Pulsar

Pulsar (Junior level 2) had their best performance to date this weekend! Their hard work in the gym certainly showed with their new elite sequence and pyramid hitting solid! The coaches, along with the athletes were excited and proud to place 2nd in their extremely competitive division!


We are so incredibly proud of all our Elite team performances this weekend! All of our teams continue to make huge strides in adding difficulty while keeping clean routines. Elite took a 1,2,3 sweep in the Small Junior level 2 division this weekend! We had some outstanding placements across the board, and excitement continues to build leading up to our UCA All Star Nationals competition in March. Until then, we’re back to work preparing for our next competition – American Legacy, which takes place the second weekend of February in Loveland! #Weareelite!!!