Competition Wrap Up: The American Legacy

Our teams had a great weekend at the American Legacy National Championship in Loveland! Preparing over the last couple of weeks, all their hard work was evident at this two-day event. Check out all the results for all of our teams below.



American Legacy- Pulsar

Pulsar (Junior Level 2) had two great performances this weekend, debuting some new running tumbling skills and placing 8th in their division! The teams confidence level was at its highest level this weekend, and it certainly showed in their performances. Their routine continues to get better with every performance and we can’t wait see them rock the floor at Nationals!

American Legacy- Supernova

Supernova (Senior Coed Level 3) came together in a whole new way this weekend! These ladies and gentleman brought a new level of teamwork and confidence to the floor, placing 5th in their division. With making some routine adjustments as of late, we can’t wait to see all of their hard work in the gym continue to pay off! 


American Legacy- Passion

Passion (Youth Level 1) looked awesome this weekend, placing 7th in their division. They added in a more difficult tumbling section, showcasing some great skills and timing!

American Legacy- Pride

Pride (Junior Level 2) had a great weekend, taking away 1st in their division! They debuted new additions to the stunt sections of their routine, wowing the crowd with their skills. They rocked their routine both days with confidence!

American Legacy- Power

Power (Senior Coed Level 3) rocked out a zero deduction routine on day one, landing them in 2nd place at the end of the weekend! They had an awesome level of confidence on the floor, and showed off their powerful stunt and tumbling skills!


American Legacy- Tsunami

Tsunami (Junior Level 2) had two phenomenal, near perfect performances this weekend! They walked away with a 3rd place finish in an extremely tough and close division. We can’t wait to see how amazing these girls will be in the next few weeks!

American Legacy- Hail

Hail (Senior Level 2) had their best two performances of the season, earning 2nd place. The Ladies of Hail really shined on the floor and worked together to hit two zero deduction routines!

American Legacy- Monsoon

Monsoon (Junior Level 3) came away from this weekend with 1st place and a National Championship title! These girls really stepped it up and left it all out on the floor, giving their best performances to date!

American Legacy- Hurricanes

Hurricanes (Senior Level 4) placed 3rd in one of the toughest divisions of the weekend. These ladies gave two great performances, proving that they will be strong contenders this year at Nationals and The Summit!

American Legacy- Lightning

Lightning (Senior Level 5) gave two strong performances this weekend, walking away with 1st place! With adjustments made to the routine in the last few weeks, these girls showed that they’re on track to compete for a Worlds bid in a few short weeks!

A great weekend was had by all of our teams at The American Legacy! We’re proud of all our athletes for their awesome performances and teamwork this past weekend and are ready for them to carry it in to the remainder of the season! Way to go! #weareElite