Competition Day Wrap Up – UCA Pueblo Regional 2014

All of our Elite All Star teams got off to a great start this weekend! We competed at the UCA Southern Colorado Regional competition in Pueblo, Colorado, showing off some great routines! Below you will find a wrap of all the teams performances!



Junior 2, Pride, had a great performance! They performed with great energy and kept the crowd entertained! They placed 4th in a very difficult division, and also secured a bid to the UCA International All Star Championship Competition!

Senior Coed 3, Power, looked spectacular on the floor this weekend! The team placed 1st in their division! They also received an award for Best Overall Jumps and a bid to the UCA International All Star Championship Competition!




Both Pulsar and Supernova had great performances this weekend, with improvements to both of their routines!

Junior 2, Pulsar, placed 7th in a very full, and competitive division! They also received a bid to the UCA International All Star Championship Competition in March!  We can’t wait to see what is in store for this powerful team this season!!

Senior Coed 3, Supernova, placed 3rd in their division!  Overcoming injuries as of late, these ladies and gentlemen put on a great performance!  They are excited to get back in the gym and work hard to make improvements to the routine.  We can’t wait to see what’s next for them!!




Junior 2, Tsunami, with two of their team members missing from the competition this weekend, they had to rework their routine this past week. Even with this, they gave an amazing performance and took 1st place out of 8 teams!! We can’t wait to see what they will do next!

Senior 2, Hail, overcame many injuries and challenges over the past few weeks, and gave a great performance! They placed 2nd in their division! This team has so much talent and we can’t wait to see them perform at the UCA Mile High Regionals competition in a few weeks.

Junior 3, Monsoon, for being the smallest United Elite team with only 11 members, these ladies gave an incredible performance! They placed 3rd at the competition with only one small deduction keeping them out of 1st! This team is going to go so far this season!!

Senior 4, Hurricanes, is extremely talented this season! They walked away with 2nd place this weekend and are looking forward to preparing for success at the American Grand Nationals competition in Las Vegas in December!

Senior 5, Lightning, or the “Lightning Ladies” gave one of their best performances to date! This team is the most talented Level 5 team United Elite has and showed it this weekend by coming away with 1st place!



We are so excited for all of our Elite teams and their performances this past weekend! Everyone’s routines were entertaining, and scored very well! All of our teams were also fortunate enough to walk away with bids to the UCA International All Star Championship Competition! Our teams are currently hard at work preparing for their next competition, UCA Mile High Regionals! We can’t wait to see what is in store next from all of the Elite teams!!! WE ARE ELITE!