When RME first opened its doors in 2007, it mission was simple: to train athletes to reach their maximum potential and to put them in the best possible position to be successful. With a handful of allstar teams and highschool athletes to work with, RME’s staff hit the ground running. Just 5 short years later, Rocky Mountain Elite boasts one of the largest highschool training programs in the Country! And while its goals have remained the same, its reach has expanded.

As athletes passed through the instructional systems at RME, its Directors started to realize the impact that these athletes could have even beyond highschool. Having prepared countless athletes for the rigors of highschool and allstar cheerleading, they understood that these same athletes wanted/needed somewhere to continue their growth following graduation. Kentucky, Morehead State and countless other big name programs always came to mind when the conversation of big name cheer schools was mentioned, while Colorado State, Colorado University and Northern Colorado drew the attention of those looking to stay in state for Higher Education and successful cheer programs. But that was 5 years ago… Today we can officially add one more in-state university to the list: Colorado Mesa University.

Formerly Mesa State, the newly named university not only has higher standards for education, but also for its Spirit Program! Directed by Athena Whaley, the Colorado Mesa Cheerleading program has grown from a fledgling squad in Grand Junction, to a full blown Spirit Program thats as impressive as the mountains that surround it.

While the Colorado Mesa Spirit program boasts over 50 athletes across both its Allgirl and Coed programs, the group seems as tight-knit as I have ever witnessed. And, following a successful choreography weekend with the program, I have little doubt in my mind that if you dont know who these young athletes are, you soon will!

Don’t miss their performance at the CHSAA High school State Competition in December