Colorado Elite Cheerleader of the Week- Piper C. Week of Nov. 2

Colorado Elite

Cheerleader of the Week:

Piper C.

We are honored to announce Piper C. as our Colorado Elite Cheerleader of the Week! Piper is a sophomore Varsity cheerleader for Coronado High School. Piper comes into Colorado Elite every week for tumbling determined to accomplish every single goal of hers. She always has a big smile on her face and such a positive attitude when she comes in the gym.  Piper is truly a pleasure to have in classes or open gyms. Recently she has been working on her standing back hand spring which we know she will accomplish with the hard work she puts in every week! Way to go Piper, keep it up! 

Congratulations Piper C. on being this week’s Cheerleader of the Week!

Get to know our Cheerleader of the Week!

What grade are you in?


What school do you go to?

“Coronado High School”

How long have you been cheering?

“One and a half years.”

How long have you been a part of the Colorado Elite family?

“One and a half years.”

What do you like to do with your free time when you are not cheering?

“Hang out with my friends.”

What is your favorite part about being at Colorado Elite?

“My favorite part about Colorado Elite is how supportive all of the coaches are.”

What is your favorite part of a cheerleading routine and why?

“The pyramid because the entire team works together as one.”

What is your favorite tumbling skill?

“I love them all!”

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be an orthodontist.”