At the end of every season, the Staff gets to a point where they have to bid ado to graduating seniors. Most will head off to college and if we are lucky, they’ll grace us with their presence when they return home for the handful of breaks that they receive.


Over the past few years however, we have had the opportunity to watch as our departing seniors made the transition not only to college, but also to a College Cheerleading Teams, a dream for many elite athletes who aren’t quite ready to throw in the towel. And while this type of athlete is not the norm, even more rare does the instance arise where we get the opportunity to invite a graduating senior or alum to work along side us as summer instructors…in 2011 we had 6 such cases!!


Let me clarify an invite for UCA Staff or an APP as we refer to it. It does not guarantee a job as an instructor, rather it is literally an invitation to tryout. Each year roughly 40-50 people attend tryouts in hopes of making Colorado’s Instructional staff. Out of these about 20 are returning instructors, so the odds of making a staff that will only add about 10 more are very slim. All 6 of these ladies attended tryouts, and as impressive as they were as highschool/allstar competitors, the tryout process for each was equally impressive!




As each of these young ladies progressed through RME’s training programs over the past 5 years, they have exemplified what it means to be a competitor, a leader, a mentor and a teacher. This past summer, as they stood on the other side, sharing the knowledge that they’ve accumulated over the years, our suspicions about each of these young ladies were confirmed… Not only are they great athletes, but they are great leaders and coaches. They are what every coach wants for his/her athletes. And as they put their rookie years behind them, we are excited that we get the opportunity to continue to watch them excel not only as athletes, but also as Instructors.