All Star Cheerleading vs. High School Cheerleading: What are the Differences?

Here at United Elite we pride ourselves on being a high school friendly gym. Being High School friendly means that we support our athletes participating in both high school and all-star competitive cheer.

All Star Cheerleading

All Star cheerleaders are normally associated with a gym that teaches tumbling, gymnastics and cheerleading. Their main objective is to compete and they are dedicated to practicing and performing. They do not cheer for another sport such as football or basketball. Thus, their cheers are a bit different, they don’t use offense and defense cheers and use instead what is called competition cheers. Their skill level is usually very high as they mainly focus on competitions.

In an all star gym you can find many different types of coaches such as a tumbling coach, stunting coach and a choreographer. As a whole, all star cheerleaders are skilled in many things, including but not limited to tumbling, dance, gymnastics, and stunting.

To make it on an all star squad you will have to go through a rigorous tryout process and they usually pull their cheerleaders from their group of gym students. It is thought that all star cheerleading is the fastest growing sector of cheerleading.

Most all star cheerleaders are governed by the United States All Star Federation, USASF, but not all. All-star cheerleading can be a very expensive activity considering parents have to pay for uniforms, travel, lessons and all other expenses related to competitions. Please click the link below to see what all star cheerleading is all about:

NCA All-Star Nationals

High School Cheerleading

High school cheerleader are what the majority of people are familiar with and what comes to mind when you hear the word “cheerleader.” They are associated with a school and their main focus is cheering for other sports and raising school spirit. Some high school cheerleaders compete, but not all of them.

Their tryouts are normally held in the spring for the next school year. The decision is left up to the coach and what she/he is looking for in cheerleaders. This is also where there can be varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders depending on grade and/or skill level.

High school cheerleaders can range from ground bound to advanced levels of ability and sometimes popularity can even play a part in the selection process. Because scholastic cheerleaders represent their school their personality, leadership ability, grades and conduct are normally factored in when deciding who makes the squad.

High school cheerleaders normally cheer for football, basketball and sometimes other school sports. The coaches for a high school cheerleading program are usually pulled from  teachers and they can have an additional coach or an advisor. Please click the link below to see high school teams in action:

UCA High School Nationals Video

Due to the differences between All Star and High School, we here at Elite Cheerleading have created CheerONE to help people get started. CheerONE is designed to allow athletes to explore both School cheer and All Star and all that they have to offer.

What is CheerONE?

CheerONE Spring Semester Flyer

Spring Semester February 3rd to May 31st


CheerONE – 6:30pm – $199

 What is CheerONE?

Since United Elite opened in 2007, we have been dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to get athletes involved in cheerleading, always following our mission to make athletes better at cheerleading and tumbling. We have all witnessed the past several years as the cost of all sports, and cheerleading in particular, have risen dramatically. We have been searching and researching for several years the best way to provide a platform for new athletes to learn about the sport of cheerleading and all of its disciplines in a cost effective manner. CheerONE is the result of our efforts.

CheerONE is a great way for you to introduce your athlete to all that cheerleading has to offer. CheerONE combines elements of cheerleading that are shared between traditional school cheerleading, all star cheerleading, and international cheerleading into one fun and exciting class. It is largely based on the international model for cheerleading. Your athlete will learn Stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Dance, Motions, as well as Cheers and Sidelines while they put it all together in an exciting high energy choreographed routine.  These six core elements are shared across all of modern cheerleading. You also will learn about team sports as you work with your class on the routine. Your athlete will have the opportunity to showcase the skills and choreography they learned for you and all their friends at a parade and a routine performance at the end of the session!

Ages will range from 5 to 15 and classes will be split up appropriately during class times as numbers permit.

During the CheerONE your team of classmates will work to put together a performance and will culminate your class by performing at at the end of the session! You will need a good attitude, a willingness to learn and white athletic shoes!

Important Semester Dates

Halloween – No Class – Oct 31st
Thanksgiving Break – No Class – Nov. 18th-21st
Holiday Break – No Class – Dec 21st – Jan 5th
Bring-A-Friend Week Jan 27th-31st

CheerONE Spring Semester

ECS Policies and Guidelines

If you have any questions about CheerONE contact [email protected], call us at – (303)799-6920 or please fill out the form below:

Are you interested in High School or All Star Cheerleading? Please contact us at [email protected], call us at – (303)799-6920 or fill out the form below: