All-Star Athlete of the Week


Black Bears

Questions for the Athlete

  • Why do you participate in cheerleading?- Because it is a fun way for me to show people my skills and abilities.  Also I find cheerleading to be a great way to meet new people.
  • What are 3 songs on your IPod?- All of the Lights, We Are Who We Are, Teenage Dream.
  • Favorite Tumbling Pass?- Back Hand Spring Tuck through to Tuck
  • Favorite Stunt- Full ups
  • Favorite Food- Watermelon
  • Favorite Celebrity- Mark Harmon
  • Favortite Subject in School- Math
  • Favortie TV Show- America’s Next Best Dance Crew (ABDC)
  • Favortie Movie- Transformers 2
  • What Activities do you participate in Outside of Cheerleading? I like to Swim, play Volleyball and Ski.