Aches and Pains with Jeff

How many of you have had to deal with an ache or pain while participating in sports?  That is defiantly a rhetorical question if you are an athlete!  Any competitive or recreation sport comes with it’s own set of stresses that get placed on the body and cheerleading is no exception to this rule.  These stresses can cause aches or pains but also lead to injuries which non of us want!

Each week we are going to discuss the aches and pains that come along with the sport of cheerleading, the causes of these issues, and what we can do to prevent or diminish their effects.

But I need your help for topic ideas!  Email Jeff ([email protected]) your aches and pains – they will most likely be used in one of the weekly discussions.

Next week’s Topic: Wrist pain involved with stunting and tumbling!

See y’all next week and send in those topics!