AACCA Rules Updated for 2014-2015

The yearly update for the AACCA rules for High School cheerleading are out – and there are two fairly major changes as detailed below.  Check out http://www.cheerrules.org/ and https://www.aacca.org/ – these are the two major resources that our Elite staff use as rules sources for High School.

First of all, the Pancake or foldover stunts can now extend.  The rules have been changed to allow  inversions to pass above the head as long as they start and finish below the top of the head. The second rule allows foldover stunts to be inverted before requiring upper body contact. These stunts are still not allowed to start from an extended position – you would have to be below shoulder level before the inversion starts.  Please check the previously mentioned websites for specific language.

There is also a rules exception that has been made to allow for the front flip from push-up to load in.  The awkward grip is no longer necessary.  As mentioned above, please watch the videos and check out websites mentioned above.

When more details about the rules changes emerge, cheerelite.net will be there! Thanks!