4 Fantastic Fundraising Ideas to Cover Cheerleading Costs

The sport of cheer can be an expensive venture. Between uniform costs, travel expenses, competition fees, and more, the financial need can add up quickly. In addition to these basics, branded team swag is an important way to build team unity and boost morale. For a smooth cheer season and a happy team, it’s important to have funding in place.

Most successful cheer programs implement a variety of fundraising options designed to raise money for the club and to provide a better experience for the participants. Here are four fantastic fundraising ideas to help to defray the costs associated with cheerleading.

Run a Summer Camp

A summer camp is an ideal fundraiser for a cheerleading group. Your older cheerleaders will make the perfect camp counselors and be able to keep the costs low since you will not be paying for instructors. A camp will also have the benefit of attracting younger cheerleaders to your organization while building your brand. All of these advantages combined with the money that the camp brings in makes this a win-win fundraiser.

Host a Fall Festival

A fall festival is a fun way to kick off the new school year. You can either charge a flat fee at the gate or sell tickets for various games and activities. In addition, selling concessions or refreshments never hurts. The profit margin on concession items is especially high, making it a good way to generate extra funds for your program.

Discount Cards

Many local businesses are happy to get their name out in the community by contributing to fundraising discount cards. For example, a local pizza joint might offer a card that gives users a certain percentage off of food for the year. You then sell that card and keep all of the money generated. Not only does this give you extra cash, but it also helps out the community and its businesses.


The most effective fundraising efforts are often those that just ask for the money. One easy way to go about crowdsourcing fundraising is to create a fund-a-need breakdown. For example, inform your donors about the various costs of running a cheer program. If potential donors understand that $100 pays for one cheer uniform or that $300 pays the entrance fee for team competition, it makes the money that they give much more tangible.

By thinking outside of the box and getting creative, you can find the funds to run a successful cheer program without burdening all of the families. Getting all of the participants involved in the fundraising process will also bond your group together and create lasting memories.

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