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Since we started Elite Cheerleading in 2007, Jeremy and Scott have been dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to get athletes involved in cheerleading, always following our mission to make athletes better at cheerleading and tumbling. We have all witnessed the past several years as the cost of all sports, and cheerleading in particular, have risen dramatically. We have been searching and researching for several years the best way to provide a platform for new athletes to learn about the sport of cheerleading and all of its disciplines in a cost effective manner. CheerONE is the result of our efforts.

CheerONE is a great way for you to introduce your athlete to all that cheerleading has to offer.  CheerONE combines elements of cheerleading that are shared between traditional school cheerleading, all star cheerleading, and international cheerleading into one fun and exciting class. It is largely based on the international model for cheerleading. Your athlete will learn Stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Dance, Motions, as well as Cheers and Sidelines while they put it all together in an exciting high energy choreographed routine.  These six core elements are shared across all of modern cheerleading. You also will learn about team sports as you work with your class on the routine. Your athlete will have the opportunity to showcase the skills and choreography they learned for you and all their friends at a parade and a routine performance at the end of the session!

Ages will range from 5 to 15 and classes will be split up appropriately during class times as numbers permit.

During the CheerONE your team of classmates will work to put together a performance and will culminate your class by performing at at the end of the session! You will need a good attitude, a willingness to learn and white athletic shoes!

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