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Cheerleading & Life

Cheerleading & Life


We are excited to introduce our Cheerleading and Life Camp!

Cheerleading & Life Camp is the next step in helping our athletes become better and more well-rounded adults. Sticking true to what we are good at, during camp we will give exceptional instruction on all aspects of cheerleading. Athletes will learn stunting, tumbling, jumps, and motions… but the learning will not stop there. The second part of the Cheerleading & Life Camp is life. In today’s time, school teaches us so much about the world, but it dos not teach us many of the skills that are important to survive day to day life. Our Cheerleading & Life Camp is here to bridge that gap! Stop by United Elite to get some of the greatest cheerleading instruction in Colorado, and learn some awesome life skills that will make adulting a much easier task later in life.

April 22nd

Earth Day

Cheerleading & Life Camp


Early Bird Pricing: $45 (Ends 03/31/2018)

This cheerleading & Life Camp will be all about cheering on our planet! Along with all the fun and excitement of cheerleading, we will be learning a little bit more about the environment, and what we can do to help out the Earth! Happy Earth Day!

Fill out the form below for more information, or to sign up!

March 10th

We Can Do It

Cheerleading & Life Camp


Early Bird Pricing: $45 (Ends 02/25/2018)

Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day with our “We Can Do It Cheerleading & Life Camp.”This will be a fun and exciting day of cheerleading, learning about important women in history, and doing fun activities to learn more about their contributions to society.

Feb 19th

President’s Day

Cheerleading & Life Camp


Early Bird Pricing: $45 (Ends 01/31/2018)

In our President’s Day Cheerleading & Life Camp, we will be teaching our athletes more about our political system and how elections work in America. Along with excellent cheerleading instruction, we will also be having a Candy Bar mock election. This is going to be a fun filled, informative day that will benefit your athlete the rest of their lives. Spaces are limited, so call today!


If you have any questions about our Cheerleading & Life Camp contact [email protected], call us at – (303)799-6920 or please fill out the form below:

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