Weekly Forecast for United Elite

This Week at United Elite! We are so EXCITED to announce a Gabi Butler and United Elite Event!!! What: A Cheerleading Clinic with THE Gabi Butler!! When: Saturday, June 15th!! Fundraising For: The SPCC (Suicide Prevention Coalition of Colorado) How: Register NOW, click HERE and start fundraising!!! **Set up a personal account to help you start fundraising ASAP** You […]

CheerONE Spring Semester 2019

CheerONE Spring Semester Spring Semester (January 28th to June 2nd) Thursday: CheerONE – 6:45 pm – $199  Saturday: CheerONE – 10:00 am – $199 What is CheerONE? Since we started United Elite in 2007, Jeremy and Scott have been dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to get athletes involved in cheerleading, always following our […]

United Elite Tumbling Spring Semester 2019

United Elite Tumbling Classes Spring Semester United Elite Tumbling Printable PDF Flyer Spring Semester (January 28th – June 2nd) Monday: Beginning Tumbling 6:30 pm – $250 Tuesday: Intermediate Tumbling 7:00 pm – $250 Advanced Tumbling 7:00 pm – $250 Elite Tumbling 7:00 pm – $265 Wednesday: Introduction to Tumbling 4:30 pm – $250 Just A […]

Colorado Elite Tumbling and Stunt – Spring Semester 2018 DEPRECATED

Colorado Elite Tumbling and Stunt Classes Spring Semester COE Tumbling and Stunt Printable PDF Flyer February 5th to June 9th Monday: Tiny Tumblers – 4:00-4:45pm – $35 Tuesday: Just a Tuck/Handspring – 5:00pm-5:45pm – $16 (drop in) CoEd Stunt Class 7:00pm – 8:00pm – $265 Thursday: Beginning Tumbling – 5:00pm-6:00pm – $250 Intermediate Tumbling Class […]